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Advice For Organising The Best Winter Wedding

There is now a growing trend within the UK for winter weddings, with people enticed by the thoughts of crackling log fires, cosy, snug venues and perhaps even a glimpse of snow. It is true that winter weddings can give you all that and more but there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration if you are planning on having your big day in the winter months. Here at Ding Dong Weddings, we are seeing the popularity of winter wedding videography surging. Our Managing Director, Robert, has some handy advice for couples planning their winter wedding.

Timing is Everything

It is crucial to get the timing of your wedding ceremony just right. You need to remember that in winter, the days get darker quicker, so it is essential (if you are wanting daylight photos and videos) to book an earlier ceremony. If you go for a later time, after 3pm for instance, you will find that by the time you have said “I do”, the sun will be setting and any chance of natural lighting for your wedding videos will have gone. It is handy to work out a schedule for your wedding to give to your videographer as you will need to work to slightly tighter timings to make the most of the daylight hours.

All in One Place

It is common for couples to want to have different venues in which to host the ceremony and then the reception (when you are wanting a church wedding for instance). This can work very well in warmer months, but you should remember that in the depth of winter, having to move around in the cold and travel on potentially frozen roads can make this part of the day a less than appealing prospect for people (especially older guests). Having the wedding take place under one roof would enable people to only have to make one journey and then move from room to room, rather than venue to venue. It is also worth remembering that cars are more likely to breakdown in colder weather and some guests could experience engine and battery issues, meaning they can’t get to the next venue.

Accessorize. Accessorise. Accessorise.

On very cold winter days, it can be hard to get your guests motivated for the taking of photos and videos outdoors. If people feel cold or damp, it is hard to get into the spirit of the wedding, therefore make sure you encourage people to bring warm clothing but also make sure you have spare blankets, coats, scarves and gloves. This way you can make sure people enjoy your big day as much as possible.

Lighting is Key

As well as thinking about natural lighting during the day, you will need to consider what lighting you have within your venue as the evening draws in. Although a bit of darkness can produce an atmospheric ambience, when it comes to getting the perfect wedding video, you will need to create light. Although photographers and videographers have lighting equipment, such as studio umbrellas, but these can be intrusive and take away from the natural feel of things. Check what lighting the venue has and also what extra lighting they will allow you to use, such as fairy lights, festoon lights and lanterns. Another good way to create a romantic glow is by using candles and you can now purchase wonderfully life-like LED candles which do not pose potential risks. Speak with your wedding videographer, who will be able to give tips on the best positioning of lighting.

 Whether you have a summer or winter wedding, just make sure you enjoy your special day. It’s worth remembering that once the big day is over, all you are left with are your treasured memories. That’s why so many couples are capturing their wedding on film, so they can relive it over and over and share with family and friends who couldn’t make the big day.

If you do hire a videographer, we can be an excellent source of advice and tips so please feel free to ask away!

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