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Why to Choose Ding Dong Weddings for Wedding Videos in Kent?

It’s always a great honour to experience the magical moments that unfold before us at a wedding. The laughter, the tears, the elation, the affection, the raw emotion and the bringing together of people all combine to tell a beautiful story. If you are looking for Wedding Videos in Kent then we can assure you that we can create a wedding film that embodies the happiness and essence of your most memorial day.

What We Believe?

We believe that your experience of the day should be relaxed and enjoyable. This is why we prefer to stand back and let all the magic unfold naturally. Along with the photographer, we may take you away for 5-10 minutes to get some shots of you together — but we make this brief, relaxed and enjoyable. Although we provide Wedding Videos services in Kent, but we love to travel and have filmed in many different locations across the U.K. We are more than willing to travel for international destination weddings too. Click here to find out more about our approach.

We want to tell your story in the most honest and authentic way possible. This means standing back when needed to allow the moments to unfold naturally. Obviously it is impossible to be completely invisible — but why would we want to be? We love mingling with guests and being a part of your day. It’s not our style to go telling people where to stand or what to do. The best weddings are the ones where everyone is feeling relaxed and enjoying the occasion.

``We want to tell your story in the most honest and authentic way possible. This means standing back when needed to allow the moments to unfold naturally.``

Just Sit and Relax

Our popular package covers from the morning preparations until the first dance and capturing the evening activities. Our job is to tell your story and for you to enjoy your special day in the best way which is to have fun! We don’t run by the clock but we ensure what needs to get covered gets covered so if there is a special fireworks display or whatever we will be happy to cover. Our final delivery varies from a full version 40-60 minute video along with a shorter highlights video for you to share with your special ones.

One thing to also remember we always want to know in much detail what happens on the day and discuss beforehand about Wedding Videos in Kent.

Where do you cover?

Although based on the Kent and Sussex border, we will happily travel around the UK or to an international destination wedding. We love to explore new venues and places whether it be in Kent, Suffolk, Cornwall or St Lucia for those who like a bit of sun, sea and sand!

What We Offer?

We can offer our short and long stories as a downloadable link, USB or on DVD. Trailers and highlights can also be placed online for you to share with friends and family. For our discs we create custom named DVDs in a case and can help keep your wedding film safe for the generations to come.

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