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Wedding video Cambridge

Understanding a wedding video and the key aspects to cover the day are essential. The purpose of a wedding video should not be simply capturing the rituals. It should not just focus on or glorify the bride and the groom. Rather, a perfect wedding video is the one that can makes you feel the moment. It should portray the involvement of other members, the emotions of everyone there, and above all, the fun elements. When we create wedding videos in Cambridge, we always strive to ensure that these special emotions are captured and depicted in our videos.

Basic Structure of a Wedding Video:

Wedding video making is an art. It’s not the same as creating a documentary or any other kind of ceremony, the emotions involved within it are precious. As experienced videographers creating wedding videos in Cambridge, we will ensure that the precious emotions from the day are captured and are showcased in the most perfect way possible.

From the bride and groom preparations, to the ceremony, speeches and first dance, Ding Dong wedding videos will be with you every step of the way to create the perfect video of your unforgettable day.

``Ding Dong wedding videos will be with you every step of the way to create the perfect video of your unforgettable day.``

Camera Set-up:

Our experienced team of videographers that film wedding videos in Cambridge are always serious about creating a stress-free experience for our clients. During your wedding, we do not want to interrupt your special day by asking people to pose for the videos. We want your guests to enjoy and remain engaged with the special events as they unfold. Therefore, it is our task at Ding Dong Wedding Videos to unobtrusively catch all of the moments in the most candid and relaxed fashion. The high-end equipment we use plays a great role in executing these tasks and creating the prefect wedding video for you to remember every cherished moment.


This is where our extensive experience of filming wedding videos in Cambridge matters the most. Editing is the final process that distinguishes the top videographers from the ordinary ones. A wedding video without editing is like gin without the tonic! Here at Ding Dong wedding videos, we have many years of experience creating contemporary wedding videos using high-end editing and audio software. Our knowledge of these technical aspects is essential in creating the perfect wedding video of the upmost quality for you to enjoy for years to come.

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